Chicago Bears: One thing top young player must improve

NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 27: Kevin Byard
NASHVILLE, TN - AUGUST 27: Kevin Byard /

If you could choose one young player to improve one area of his game, what would you choose for the Chicago Bears?

Bleacher Report recently did a series where they looked at one young player for every team and chose an area of his gave that he must improve. For the Chicago Bears, the writer chose Kevin White and his health.

His explanation:

"Kevin White, the seventh overall pick in the 2015 draft, has recorded 21 receptions for 193 yards across his three NFL seasons to date. A multitude of injuries have kept him off the field, which caused the Chicago Bears to decline his fifth-year option on his contract.If White does rebound, though, Chicago could have one of the deepest skill units in the league."

It is true that if Kevin White were healthy for a full season the wide receiver corps should look talented and deep top to bottom. However, choosing health for a player, even with the injury history such as White comes off as a bit of a cop out.

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Health is something a player cannot control. What can White do to guarantee he will not get hurt on a football field? I get that this is truly the only real question mark around White but it is tough to say that this the one thing that must be improved. Especially when it is a true crap shoot as to whether or not that trait will be improved.

One thing I would look for from a young player is Leonard Floyd and his ability to win in one on one situations. Sure, Floyd has to get healthy first. However, when he is healthy, you can see special talent. You do not see it flash consistently though.

It seems as though most of his sacks are when he gets a free burst off of the line. He can win off of the line with speed, and can finish plays with hustle sacks.  However, he has not had many go to moves. He has not won hand battles in one on one scenarios, and has not had consistent, clean sacks.

If Floyd can get healthy, and can improve this area of his game, it would be a game changer on the roster. The edge rusher position is easily the biggest need on the team. They need a player to carry them.

Leonard Floyd is a high level talent who has the upside to put up big numbers. He has not done that yet, and if his hand fighting in one on one matchups improves, it could be something that shows next year.