Why the Chicago Bears Offensive Struggles Shouldn’t Worry You

MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky
MINNEAPOLIS, MN - DECEMBER 31: Mitchell Trubisky /

With Chicago Bears training camp in full swing, fans now have a chance to see what the Bears could look like in 2018. 2018 has been one of the most exciting offseason’s for Bears fans, especially on offense.

With this now being Mitchell Trubisky’s team, offensive guru Matt Nagy as head coach, and a plethora of new weapons, the sky is literally the limit for the Chicago Bears offense. 

Going into training camp, many were excited to see what this new offense could do. Matt Nagy promised to be innovative, stating that he would bring a new style of offense. This got Bears fans excited. For the first time ever, the Chicago Bears had landed a head coach who could bring a modern style of football to the Windy City.

However, the first reports out of training camp have not been what most Bears fans expected.

Mitchell Trubisky has struggled, while the wide receivers have shown potential. On the other hand, running backs Tarik Cohen and Jordan Howard seem to be heading towards taking the next step in their young NFL careers.

As of right now, there seems to be only one word to describe the Bears offense: Inconsistent. However, should the Chicago Bears early camp struggles worry fans? That’s certainly an interesting question that could be answered in many different ways.

Considering the offensive overhaul that the Bears had, it’s completely normal for a team to struggle early on. With all the talent the Bears have added, fans are worried that the offense may not be able to put things together in time for the regular season.

It’s easy to get caught up and be concerned about a ball that gets over or underthrown, a route that is run slightly wrong, or a pass that gets dropped.

In reality, while practice does make perfect, the purpose of training camp is to correct any weaknesses that may exist. Furthermore, there are also a few reasons to why the offense has had some trouble through the first week of camp.

First, Matt Nagy’s offensive playbook is extremely complex. There seem to be many moving parts and everything must be perfect to be able to make a single play work. Considering how young the Bears are, there will be many obstacles in the road.

Second, the offensive players are still in the process of developing chemistry. When solid chemistry is developed, then everything automatically becomes easier in a complex game such as football. As time goes on, you’ll end up seeing more and more players will be in sync, making the offense look much smoother.

In fact, solid chemistry is the key to unlocking how good this offense can be. When the Hall of Fame Game takes place on August 3rd, there will be mistakes, which in the long-run will be good for the Bears Coaches will evaluate what the team did wrong and then after that, focus on those mistakes in camp.

Another thing that fans must do is be patient and understand everything is a process. The offense will not perform like a well-oiled machine from day one. It will take time for the offense to get up to full speed.

Once the starters have had a chance to play a series or two together, they’ll be able to get a feel of what playing in Matt Nagy’s offense is like on a game day.

Maybe after the first preseason game, we begin to see that offense begins to gel together, to show consistency in making plays. However, as of right now, the offense is still in the process of learning and playing together. As of right now, there’s no real reason to worry, about this offense. Mistakes will be made, but with the attitude and mindset that this team has, they’ll be easily corrected.

As training camp and preseason wears on, the progress of the Bears offense will be one to monitor. This is certainly a group that can be one of the NFL’s best once they start gelling together.