Chicago Bears: Despite more snap issues, Cody Whitehair stays at C

CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Cody Whitehair
CHICAGO, IL - OCTOBER 22: Cody Whitehair /

Cody Whitehair had another rough day snapping the ball at the Chicago Bears joint practices with the Denver Broncos. James Daniels continues to run with the second team centers

The situation with the Chicago Bears center position is starting to get weird. Despite the fact that the Chicago Bears declared James Daniels to be a guard when drafting the center from Iowa, the team has given him more snaps as the backup center than the backup guard spot as he fights for a starting roster spot.

On top of that, Daniels took snaps at center for the majority of the teams second preseason game and flashed in the role. Still, after the game, the team made it clear that he was destined for guard, and that Cody Whitehair was intended for center. Moving the two would feature too many moving pieces.

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However, less than a week after the Chicago Bears second preseason game, in a joint practice with the Denver Broncos, we see a report that the Bears are having issues with snaps at practices.

Who would have guessed, it is Cody Whitehair dealing with the issues. Despite the questionable snap exchanges, Whitehair did not move off of his center position. Still, James Daniels continued to be a backup center rather than guard.

At this point, Matt Nagy has to be lying to us. The Chicago Bears have to want to see one more game out of James Daniels before anointing him anything. That is fair considering he missed the Hall of Fame game. If Daniels can prove himself on Saturday, the team has to be ready to move Whitehair back over to guard.

The only issue with the plan is that you are wasting an entire week in which Whitehair could be transitioning positions. Whitehair has played guard in his college career, and many saw him as a natural guard in the NFL. As the report mentioned, he seems to look fine as a blocker.

The Chicago Bears must have the intentions that sliding Whitehair from center to guard should be a seamless transition. He does not need this week to help ease the move, and with the third preseason game featuring what should be a full half of snaps, they must feel as though that is enough for him to be comfortable into the season.

Otherwise, the handling of the situation seems like they are throwing darts and hoping for something to land close.