Chicago Bears: Anthony Miller adds another versatile layer

OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 01: Anthony Miller
OXFORD, MS - OCTOBER 01: Anthony Miller /

The Chicago Bears have versatility in the way that they can line up a variety of their pass catchers

One thing in which Matt Nagy has expressed a love for since being hired by the Chicago Bears is versatility. He seems to like the idea of players who can wear a lot of hats, and that is highlighted by his plans for Trey Burton and Tarik Cohen. However, another player who could be talked about similarly is Anthony Miller.

Despite running mostly as an outside receiver last season, the team has talked about putting him into the slot. This obviously would imply that he could line up in either area.

From there, the Chicago Bears put him into two more situations that highlight his versatility to open the game.

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On the first play of the game, Anthony Miller is flexed in-line as a wing tight end right off of the line of scrimmage. The Chicago Bears run out of this formation, but Miller is running a flare out to the flats.

What is interesting about this alignment is that Miller lined up in that spot throughout his last season at Memphis. Miller lined up in a similar place and was targeted in the flats to get the ball into his hands in open space.

Memphis also targeted over the deep middle of the field from this spot. Check the play in the link. Miller could expose teams in mismatches by lining up in the box. Miller can get a clean break from his alignment and gets open on a deep post.

To add another dimension, Memphis also put Miller and motion across the line of scrimmage and threw the ball to him in the flats in a similar way.

Throwing to him while motioning him across the line of scrimmage is only the start of where this team can go with Miller. On the second play of the game, after lining him in-line, Miller was put in motion as the ball was snapped to serve as a potential play action target.

From here the Chicago Bears can get the ball to Miller in this spot on a sweep. They can hand the ball off and run up the middle. They can also play action to both and throw the ball down the field. Heck, Anthony Miller threw the football on a reverse in his Memphis career.

The fact of the matter is that the Chicago Bears are just now opening the can of what is to come from this offense. The versatility, and confusion that can be created pre-snap should only amplify post-snap.