Chicago Bears offense: Prepare for motion


As we have been able to see more and more of the Matt Nagy’s playbook with the Chicago Bears, we are starting to understand some staples of his offense

After the Hall of Fame game, it was noted how impressive it was that offensive coordinator Matt Nagy was able to get his fullback involved so heavily in the offense. His fullback had as many preseason targets in the first quarter of the Hall of Fame game as John Fox gave his fullback throughout 2017.

In Week Two, the ability to mix and match tight ends to create Adam Shaheen opportunities in space was notable. This week, the theme to take away should be motions.

The Matt Nagy offense is going to feature a ton of it. They are going to line up, Mitchell Trubisky is going to scan the field, and then he is going to move a player. It does not matter who, or to where, but it is going to happen on more plays than not.

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In the Chicago Bears third preseason, they used motion throughout Mitchell Trubisky’s time. They motioned Anthony Miller across the line of scrimmage selling a fake sweep early into the game. They also ran play action to the running back on the play.

Later, the team got Tarik Cohen involved in the locomotion. He motioned back and forth so that Trubisky could not only see if a defender followed him, but also see the entire defense show itself when Cohen gets set and begins to move back. Matt Nagy did with Tyreek Hill in his short stint as a play caller with the Chicago Bears. It was worth noting that Jordan Howard was also on the field while Cohen motioned across the backfield as a sweep threat.

Then, there is Trey Burton. Burton is a move player. He can line up anywhere and move anywhere. The team took no time to test Burton out in as many ways as possible.

They motioned Burton into the backfield. They motioned him across the line and pulled him back across. The Chicago Bears also motioned him across the line of scrimmage and threw to him in the flats.

Still, the overarching point is that Burton is not going to be the only player on the move pre-snap. It is the Chicago Bears favor to have multiple options to move back and forth and around to a variety of spots pre-snap. Keep this in mind as a potential staple of the new Chicago Bears offense.