Chicago Bears: Bryan Witzmann gets nod over Eric Kush

Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears started Bryan Witzmann at right guard on Sunday and played him throughout the game. Has he earned a starting spot moving forward?

Without really getting demoted, Eric Kush found himself getting demoted. Kush started the Chicago Bears season at left guard, a title we knew that he did not have a firm grasp of considering second round rookie James Daniels was awaiting in the wings.

The two rotated before before a neck injury gave Chicago a chance to see Daniels get a full start. However, that same start saw right guard Kyle Long leave and move to the IR.

The obvious inclination is that as Kush returns from injury, he would slot in for Long moving forward. He was a starter after all.

However, Kush was able to get healthy the very next week. Instead of tossing Kush back into the fire, the Chicago Bears decided to rotate him with Bryan Witzmann, who was signed from the Kansas City Chiefs a few weeks ago.

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Witzmann obviously is familiar with Matt Nagy and his terminology so it made sense that he could jump right into the mix. It also would make sense to ease Kush back into the role.

Still, the team knew that eventually they would have to make a decision on Kush and Witzmann at right guard. To the surprise of some, the Chicago Bears may have made that decision on Sunday. Bryan Witzmann started on Sunday and played the entire game.

The Chicago Bears won, and Witzmann was not an issue as far as the television cameras could show. Is there potential that the Bears could rotate the two week to week for a little to give each a fair shot? Possibly.

However, it seems as though Witzmann just took over the right guard job and will not be giving it back to Eric Kush. If Witzmann starts next week, this will all but be confirmed.