Mitch Trubisky should explode vs Lions

If you are looking for a Holiday surprise, or a sleeper Thanksgiving DFS play, expect Mitch Trubisky to have his best game of the season for the Chicago Bears

You all probably think it is crazy at this point to suggest Mitch Trubisky succeed in any fashion for the rest of his career. However, while this game should not in any way be a reflection of his long term value to the franchise, Mitch Trubisky could be in line for a big day on Thanksgiving in front of a national audience.

It will not change the narrative, but it should lead to a Bears win, and a cheap DFS quarterback in fantasy football.

To start, Trubisky has been awful all season, but his last three weeks are arguably his best. He tied his season in touchdowns two weeks ago and had his season-high in yards last week. He also played a strong first half against the Rams, led a touchdown drive to start the second half, and then struggled with his hip injury.

The last three weeks have not shown progression but rather showed that he could be back to playing like his 2018 self that did not implode the offense.

On top of that, Trubisky is running more. His 11 rushes in the past three weeks match his 11 rushes the seven weeks prior. Using his legs has always been his greatest strength, and the lack of rushes has been an issue. Whether it be confidence or health, he seems to be back to using his legs more.

Lastly, the Lions defense is exposable, by any quarterback. They currently rank 24th in the NFL against the pass and rank 28th in explosive plays.

They lost to Dwayne Haskins last week, and Daniel Jones had four touchdowns to zero interceptions a few weeks prior. Remember the three-touchdown game that Trubisky had a few weeks ago? Of course, it was against Detroit. This is a team that is lost defensively.

Trubisky has historically torched the Lions as well. He has an eight to three TD to INT ratio with a 68% completion, 102 quarterback rating and an average of 7.9 yards per attempt. That is a lot better than his career numbers of 63% completion, 85 rating and 6.7 yards per attempt.

Trubisky is currently playing his best football, the Lions defense is currently playing its worst. Add in that Trubisky is running more and has always dominated the Lions. Do not be surprised if this is the best game of his 2019 season.