Chicago Bears: Discounted free agent pass rushers Ryan Pace should consider

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Chicago Bears (Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Mack
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The Chicago Bears are already making offseason moves. This week they made Eddie Jackson the highest-paid safety based on an average annual salary. With cap space going to Jackson, Ryan Pace needs to look to add one of these cheaper free-agent options.

A few weeks back I wrote about some high-profile outside linebackers that Ryan Pace should look at signing instead of keeping Leonard Floyd. Currently, Floyd is slated to earn over $13 million dollars in 2020. Although Floyd is not a bad player, he is not worth that amount of money.

If Ryan Pace is able to restructure Floyd’s contract for no more than $6 million per year he can stay. Otherwise, Pace needs to look to replace him. Even if Floyd sticks around, the Bears need to find someone who can rush the passer opposite of Khalil Mack. Floyd’s sack production is not up to par and Aaron Lynch is not cutting it either.

The Bears finished the 2019 season with only 32 sacks. Last season they were third overall with 50. That is an 18 sack difference or essentially one more sack per game the Bears were missing this year. Missing this pressure is also why the Bears had only 10 interceptions this season compared to 27 in 2018.

The defensive side of the ball is obviously not the biggest issue of this team, but Pace and the Chicago Bears cannot just ignore that side of the ball this offseason. Clearly the team needs help on the offensive line and the tight end position. Some will want them to address the quarterback position too. Those areas need to be addressed and have been discussed or will be discussed.

The defense needs to find a way to generate pressure though and all of these guys are clearly better options than anything they have currently. The best part is they should not break the bank.