Chicago Bears: Ryan Pace must make this move for playoff run in 2020

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears were supposed to be the team making a legitimate bid for this year’s Super Bowl. However, after a disappointing season that was filled with hope has Bears fans wondering how the team can get back to their winning ways next season. Will they make the necessary changes or will they be forever known as the fluke team that never was.

The latest round of the NFL playoffs proved that anything is possible. In the NFC both the San Francisco 49ers and Green Bay Packers turned their season around to make the playoffs. In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs never gave up and Patrick Mahomes led the team from a 24-0 deficit to secure their spot in the AFC Championship game. The one team that stood out last weekend and who the Chicago Bears need to resemble are the Tennessee Titans.

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The Titans started their season poorly and in fact, was looking like another lackluster year in Nashville. This is until they decided to make a change that would set their course to the playoffs. The change came when they were holding a record of 2-4. They knew that Marcus Mariota wasn’t their answer at QB and thus needed a replacement in Ryan Tannehill.

The Chicago Bears have stuck by Mitch Trubisky and even have come out on record to state that he is their quarterback in 2020. Time will tell if this is fluff or a true commitment. The point is the Bears coaching staff and the front office needs to stop being stubborn and find a suitable backup in case he fails.

The Titans saw they had a problem with their starting quarterback and decided to save their season by making the switch. If the Bears have another season where they fall flat and don’t meet expectations; Trubisky, Matt Nagy, and Ryan Pace will all be looking for jobs in 2021.

It is crucial that the Bears adopt a consistent running game. The Titans have found their back in Derrick Henry. It has taken the pressure off of Ryan Tannehill and if the Bears can find their running game it will, in turn, take the pressure off Trubusky. In addition to the Titans, look how the Packers reestablished their running game and this is with Aaron Rodgers at the helm.

The Chicago Bears have a young star in David Montgomery and its time that they give him the ball and let him dominate opposing defenses. For that to happen though, it is going to take the Bears finding better blocking offensive linemen and for Nagy to adapt to a more running style offense.

The Chicago Bears need work on both sides of the ball but if they are going to get back to their winning ways and make the playoffs, then they will need to really focus on improving their offense. The Titans found their identity and even though it was later in the season, they are ringing true to the sentiment of it does not matter how you start, its how you finish.

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If the Chicago Bears are willing to make changes then they can be a top contender once again in 2020. If they don’t make those necessary changes, then we are looking at another disappointing season with Bears fans wondering what might have been.