Chicago Bears: Jimbo Covert and Ed Sprinkle inducted into the Hall of Fame

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears have the most players of any team inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. They have 30 players now that Jimbo Covert and Ed Sprinkle were announced to be inducted into the 2020 Hall of Fame class.

As the NFL celebrates its 100th season, so are the Chicago Bears. Unfortunately, their 100th season was not very memorable, but it seems that the Pro Football Hall of Fame wanted to give fans something to be happy about anyway as Jimbo Covert and Ed Sprinkle finally make the Hall of Fame.

With the 100th season celebration in full swing for the NFL, the Pro Football Hall of Fame decided to add 15 centennial members to the Hall this year. Out of those 15 are 10 senior candidates. Jimbo Covert and Ed Sprinkle were two of the names selected out of a group of 20 players who were considered qualified options.

For Jimbo Covert, this has been a long time coming and well-deserved. Covert played nine seasons in the NFL and all of them were in Chicago. Covert is arguably the best left tackle the Chicago Bears have ever had play the position. He was voted as a first-team All-Pro twice in his career and was a major part of the Bears 1985 Super Bowl run.

Covert was unfortunately plagued by injuries throughout most of his career. These injuries might be why it took him so long to be enshrined in Canton. Although having Walter Payton at running back helped, the Bears were the best rushing team from 1983 to 1986. Payton was not the only factor though. The Bears were a top-three running team in the three years after Payton retired and Neal Anderson manned the backfield.

There is a reason why many Bears fans still hold the mentality of owning a great running team with a dominant defense. This is when most fans who are still alive today remember the Bears being consistently good.

I vaguely remember the Jimbo Covert era as I was born the year he was drafted (1983), but I was force-fed how great the Bears were during this span as a child. That said, I have no recollection of Ed Sprinkle outside of the few stories I have read about him. It seems that he deserved to make the Hall of Fame, but I did not have a rooting interest in him getting there like I did Covert.

Unfortunately, Sprinkle is not alive to witness that he is going to be forever remembered in Canton. Sprinkle died six years ago at the age of 90. At least his family will be able to enjoy his memories while visiting the Hall of Fame in Ohio.

Sprinkle was nicknamed “the Claw” and was known for his physical dominance. He was a mean and aggressive defensive end who was a part of the 1946 Championship team. In fact, he scored the Bears only touchdown to win the game by helping force a fumble and returning it to the house.

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There is no question why the Chicago Bears are beloved by so many. With 30 players now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, the Bears lead the way over the Packers and every other team with most Hall of Fame players. The rivalry runs deep between these two historic franchises. Now it is time for the Bears to find current dominance once again and hopefully, more players find their way to Canton, Ohio. Devin Hester anyone?