Chicago Bears: All signs point to this offseason quarterback acquisition

Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Michael Hickey/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears need to add a veteran quarterback to the roster no matter what you think about Mitchell Trubisky. Signs are strongly pointing to the Bears and Andy Dalton.

It seems the Chicago Bears are destined to bring Andy Dalton to Chicago. Early rumors were that the Chicago Bears and Cincinnati Bengals were in talks at the Combine regarding the potential of acquiring Dalton to compete with Mitchell Trubisky.

This is not where the signs ended though. Analysts, including our own blog, have been in hot discussion about Dalton and what it would cost Ryan Pace to snag him from the Bengals. Some have said the Bears should give up as high as a second-round pick for Dalton. This would be insanely stupid on Pace’s part and fans will call for his head if he goes that route.

Instead, the more realistic option would be the Bears sending a late-round pick to the Bengals for Dalton’s final year of his contract. The thing is, maybe more is going to be at play. Another sign and recent rumor dropped by former scout Dave-Te’ Thomas on his Scout’s Honor podcast. He stated that the Bengals have given permission for the Bears to talk to Dalton and that the two sides have already been in contact.

I am not sure how likely this rumor is to be true, but it would make sense for the Bears to want to discuss things with Dalton before just trading for him. The team would want to see if they could negotiate a new contract or at least convert some of his base salary into some sort of signing bonus that would drastically reduce their 2020 salary cap hit.

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Personally, Dalton would not be my first choice. I have made it known that I like Dalton, but I do not believe he is the answer and solving the quarterback position for the Bears. The team should look to trade for Derek Carr or look to Case Keenum type as their backup and draft a future starter in what appears to be a deep quarterback class. At this point, we will just have to wait and see, but as trades are already starting to happen, we might not be waiting as long as we first thought.