Chicago Bears: Nick Foles contract makes trade much more reasonable

Chicago Bears (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Bobby Ellis/Getty Images) /

Most Chicago Bears who were mad about Nick Foles compensation are starting to come around with his new contract details

When the Chicago Bears traded a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles, it was met with some backlash. Mainly, the issue was that not only were the Bears giving up a draft asset, they also were going to pay a somewhat steep salary for a quarterback who was not healthy last season.

However, as the deal is now completed, details of a new contract for Nick Foles have emerged. He is going to get the $24 million he was guaranteed, however, the contract will be spread out over three years due to a new extension.

Essentially, Foles cap hit got nearly in half this season. It also ensured that he will be on the books for the next two years, but at $8 million cap hits. It looks like the deal will give him $8 million cap hits across the board over the next three years.

That is the going rate for a strong veteran backup quarterback. In fact, Mitch Trubisky will be on the books for $9.3 million. The combination of the two is about $17.3 million is still less than most teams pay for their starting quarterback. All of a sudden, what looked like an overpay, can be looked at as sending a fourth-round pick to help negotiate a contract that ensured the position was set going into 2020. You can question whether Foles is the answer, but the compensation is fair.

Foles does have incentives that can increase his salary, and they also can void his contract. However, these circumstances would only come if Foles played really well, in which case, he would be getting a deserved raise.

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Would Bears fans really be disappointed if he led them to a playoff run, and then forced the Bears to give him a raise? On the other side, if Foles struggled, and the Bears were stuck to him as a backup for $8 million, it is not a huge deal either. Heck, if they draft a QB in the 2021 draft, having Foles as a backup for $8 million is as good of a backup as you can have.

This makes the deal easy to bear.