Chicago Bears Post Draft Depth Chart: WR

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

With the Chicago Bears roster set, what does the depth chart look like at wide receiver?

We now have a long break between any meaningful football transactions, which gives us an excellent chance to look back at the Chicago Bears roster now that the offseason is essentially over.

The Bears did some shaking up to the receiver room, so how different does it look? Keep in mind that we have Cordarelle Patterson with the running backs.

1. Allen Robinson

There is no disputing the number one. Many analysts wrongly say that he needs to be a number to a number one, but the reality is that the depth behind him was letting him down. Robinson was excellent last year, and the advanced stats showed it. He should see an extension this summer.

2. Anthony Miller

Miller is a  slot option primarily, but he is the second-best receiver on the roster and is going to be the number two in targets, and hopefully, production.

3. Ted Ginn Jr.

Ginn could be the Bears number three, and he could not make the roster altogether. The Bears are hoping some of their young names take a step forward, but do not want to rely on that with a virtual offseason. Ginn is almost a one-to-one replacement for Taylor Gabriel and gives them a great fall back option if the young depth players do not take that step.

4. Javon Wims

Everyone wants Riley Ridley to take the step forward, but nothing over their careers has suggested Ridley can beat out Wims. Wims was above him last year and showed enough ups that he should still be considered a depth option. Ridley can pass him, but it has not happened yet.

5. Riley Ridley

As mentioned, the hope is that Ridley can breakout in year two. The fourth-round pick was inactive for 11 games as he did not help on special teams and could not pass Wims on the depth chart. He has work late into the season but is still a question as he enters years two.

6. Darnell Mooney

Mooney is down as the sixth wide receiver, but it should be noted that Ryan Pace traded up for him. Quez Watkins, another speed receiver, went to the Eagles in the trade down, so Pace clearly wanted him on the roster more than hoping he fell to the Bears. He profiles similar to the Ginn-Gabriel mold, and Ginn may be insurance for the unknown of a small school stud leaping the NFL.

7. Trevor Davis

The Ted Ginn signing makes sense, but Davis was surprising. He brings return game value but is behind Tarik Cohen, Patterson, and Ginn on this roster. This would not seem like the spot to sign if Davis were looking for opportunity. Without training camp, it will be interesting to see if he can push for the roster.

8. Alex Wesley

Wesley is a UDFA from Northern Colorado who signed to the Bears practice squad late last year. He profiles as a speed receiver, and with him Davis, Ginn, and Mooney, they feel that they have a Gabriel replacement in there.

9. Thomas Ives

Ives is a 6’4″ receiver who spent last year on the practice squad. With a stacked depth chart ahead of him, the practice squad feels like a best-case scenario again.

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10. Ahmad Wagner

Wagner is a transfer to Kentucky and UDFA, who spent one year at the FBS level. He has serious size and athleticism, but the practice squad is the best case for this raw receiver.

Final Say:

It is going to be hard for anyone below the top six to crack the 53-man roster. The Bears have insurance for Riley Ridley and Darnell Mooney, but in a perfect world, those are the three and four receivers while Ginn and Wims take a backseat.