Chicago Bears Offseason Stock Watch: Anthony Miller

Where is the stock trending on Chicago Bears wide receiver Anthony Miller?

It is hard to gauge. exactly what Anthony Miller can be in the NFL. On one hand, this is a player who leaped from 423 to 656 yards from his rookie to sophomore season, despite a drop in quarterback play. This could be a young, ascending player the Chicago Bears can trust.

On the other hand, we have seen the drops, We have seen the timing routes mistimed and wrong routes ran overall. With Miller, we have seen a lack of maturity. This is especially frustrating when you factor in that Miller is 25 years old, less than a full year younger than Allen Robinson.

So, while you can argue that Miller is ready for another step with a better quarterback, there is just as much chance that the Bears let Miller play out the next two years on his rookie deal, then look to move.

Nonetheless, entering this season in particular, his stock is on the rise.

When you look at the Chicago Bears depth chart, Allen Robinson is the clear cut top receiver and nobody is particularly close. Behind Robinson is likely Miller, and it really is not even close between who is the number two and who is the number three.

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There is plenty of competition for the number three job, but as far as opportunity is concerned, Miller is one of the few Chicago Bears that is locked into high volume.

Whether Miller takes advantage of this chance or not remains to be seen. However, there is no doubt that Miller will have every chance to make 2020 the best of his career.

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