Chicago Bears 2020 Roster Ranking: 45-41

Chicago Bears (Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Rob Leiter/Getty Images) /

Who are the top 45 players on the Chicago Bears 2020 roster?

As we have been counting down until the 2020 NFL season, we have been counting down the most valuable players on the Chicago Bears 2020 roster. This ranking has looked solely into who the most important players are heading into the year.

We have hit the bottom half of the roster with players 90-46 done. Now, we kick off the top half with 45-41.

45. Ryan Nall

Last Year: 55

2018: 57

Ryan Nall has always hovered right on the edge of the roster. However, heading into year three we see his peak value so far as he checks in at number 45. Nall is pretty clearly the third running back behind David Montgomery and Tarik Cohen. Sure, if either got hurt, there is just as good of a chance that Ryan Pace signs a veteran as there is him trusting Nall. Still, they really like Nall due to his versatility, and special teams usage. He has a role on the team.

44. Alex Bars

Last Year: 57 

Alex Bars moves up after a successful season on the practice squad. He is an interesting case after recovering from an ACL injury most of last year. He could start at guard, but Harry Hiestand, who helped him get here in the first place was let go. The Bears also invested two draft picks and a free agent signing on guard and did not let Bars start even in Week 17 last year. This will be a make or break year for him.

43. Brent Urban

The Chicago Bears signed Urban late into the 2019 season due to injuries on the defensive line. Clearly, they liked what they saw as they brought him back. Urban is not a stud pass rusher, but was great against the run last year, and could hold down a fifth defensive line spot this year. He could see roughly 10 defensive snaps per game.

42. Kindle Vildor

When the Chicago Bears drafted Kindle Vildor it almost felt like overkill at cornerback. However, you can never have too many corners, and Vildor is a player who may be able to shift in and out of the slot. He also provides special teams value that pushes him above Artie Burns but also makes Sherrick McManis and Jordan Lucas less valuable. It is hard to think any of those names make it without Vildor being on the roster as well.

Odds are against Riley Ridley. dark. Next

41. J.P. Holtz

Like Urban, Holtz was brought in during the season and found a role on the roster. He is a tight end, but the fact that he can play full-back has him on the roster over Jesper Horsted. It also pushed him over Nall, if only slightly. Holtz is the better blocker of the two so he is more valuable to the Chicago Bears as currently constructed.