Chicago Bears: Could a cancelled NFL season actually be a benefit?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Tom Szczerbowski/Getty Images) /

Canceling the NFL season could actually benefit the Chicago Bears

We never thought we would be questioning whether the NFL season would be taking place. However, the coronavirus pandemic that has heavily stricken the entire world is forcing us into a reality that we would never have imagined. We may not see the Chicago Bears in action this season despite all attempts to have a normal season.

While we are hoping for the season to launch in September, it may be beneficial to the Chicago Bears in the long run if the season does end up getting canceled. While I am hoping this does not happen, the last few months of being quarantined have taught us we need to think more outside the box.

Mitch Trubisky has found himself once again this offseason and his determination should be very uplifting for Bears fans. What if Trubisky received one extra year to continue building on his skillset? It can be also argued that the extra time off can hurt him, however, it might be very beneficial. Trubisky can continue to train, build rapport with his receivers, and work on maturing his attributes.

Could a potential cancellation boost Matt Nagy’s experience?

Will extra time off help build Matt Nagy’s experience? I think there is a lot of good that comes with Nagy, but I also know he is mirrored with flaws as well. Maybe if the season does get canceled, he can get back to working on schemes that could help accelerate the offense to the next level.

This could also be a great opportunity for Nagy to get better accompanied by his new coaching staff. It can also be good for Nagy to work one on one with his rookies, and it can help them get better equipped with the way Nagy runs his team.

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I am hopeful that the NFL season will get underway on time and I am also hopeful they will be able to operate safely. Baseball has had some early troubles, so it’s going to be a very tall task for the NFL.  The nature of this disease is unpredictable and what we have learned so far is that nothing is guaranteed. If the season is unable to get going, I’m confident that the Bears team will use this as an opportunity to continue building and bettering the franchise for the future.