Do not expect decision in Chicago Bears quarterback battle soon

The Chicago Bears are not going to rush naming their Week One starter

Every day there is a new narrative around the Chicago Bears quarterback decision. Mitch Trubisky came into training camp in shape but struggled early. Then he dazzled, but Nick Foles has made plays of his own. Still, Foles has adjusted to the new offense.

You can find any newsworthy story that fits your favorite quarterback and run with it. While it is fine for Bears fans craving football and looking to find every bit of information in a training camp we will not get to see, it also is a long process, and it appears the Chicago Bears are nowhere close to making up their minds.

When asked if he has a timeframe on advancing with a starter, Matt Nagy said

“As far away as we possibly can,” Matt Nagy noted firmly. “We want to maximize the number of snaps that we have and literally take this it as far as we need it to go.”

So, while everyone will speculate who “won” after every practice, the reality is that the winner will have to string together so many days that it becomes apparent who is starting. Of course, the Bears do only have about three weeks to decide, so it is not like this will take forever.

Still, in a short offseason, it is no surprise that the Bears want to give both quarterbacks a fair shot, and in the case of Trubisky, want to make sure every door is shut before moving on.

We are all dying for an answer, but you are going to have to wait. We likely will find out the Monday before the start of Week One.