Chicago Bears 2020 Record Prediction

Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images) /

For the fourth year at Bear Googles On, I will attempt to predict the Chicago Bears record.

Mitch Trubisky and I have been on this track together. After starting to write at Bear Goggles On the day after he was drafted, I have been here to write about all of the ups, and downs of the Chicago Bears along that way. Each year, I have also given their record prediction.

In 2017, I thought I was pessimistic on the Bears giving them a 6-10 record, only to see them at 5-11. In 2018, I saw a rise, but gave them just four more wins, and a 9-7 record when they would up winning 12 games that year. Then, in 2019, I did see a fall back down to earth, mainly citing fears with the offensive line, although I gave them another 9-7 when they finished 8-8.

So, two years I gave them a win too many and once I was three wins short, although in all three scenarios the vibe before the season matched the product on the field. Now, we go through the 2020 schedule and find out if they get better or regress from that 8-8 record. At least we know I will hold myself accountable if I am off either way.

at Detroit Lions

After going back and forth on this one, I am siding with Mitch Trubisky playing well against a defense that does not mix up their looks much. The Bears get by in a tight one, and get off on the right foot, when the last three years have been losses.


vs New York Giants

Luckily for Mitch Trubisky, the Giants starting cornerback got arrested, and their starting safety tore his ACL this offseason. Joe Judge also may play a similar man defense to Mat Patricia. The media laughed, but the Bears may start 2-0.


at Atlanta Falcons

Trubisky can play well again against this defense. While they play zone more than man, they do not mix much up and do not have great personnel. However, something the other two teams do not have is the offense that will force the Bears out of their comfort zone. Trubisky continues to play well enough to stay the starter, but questions arise when he cannot out score the Falcons.


vs Indianapolis Colts

The Colts are a dome team heading to Chicago in October. The weather may not be changing, but it may play a factor for California Phil Rivers. Beyond that, the Colts cornerbacks do not scare much, and Trubisky will advance another week.


vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bears are at  home against a team from Tampa, but Tom Brady has not forgotten the weather quite yet. He also knows how to handle a short week, and with Todd Bowles at defensive coordinator, Trubisky starts to look confused.


at Carolina Panthers

This game should be a statement game for Trubisky. The Panthers are a rebuilding team with a struggling defense. However, Phil Snow runs a multiple college defense and will throw blitzes at Trubisky that confuse him. A game where the Bears are favored to win on the road turns into playing from behind against an offense that is humming. The wheels fall off when a team with a losing record beats them and Teddy Bridgewater goes to 2-0 against Trubisky.


at Los Angelas Rams

With two straight games of Trubisky struggling the lights get bright for Monday Night Football. Trubisky plays well for the first couple of quarters and builds out a lead. However, when the game plan goes away, him and Matt Nagy struggle to adjust, and you start to see the end coming for Trubisky. Nagy is grilled after the game about his quarterback who blew a lead on primetime.


New Orleans Saints

When the Bears came back from London and got blown out by Teddy Bridgewater and the New Orleans Saints, you could feel the 2019 season flush down the drain. It is almost too much that Bridgewater out-dueling Trubisky starts the skid, and the Saints are the team that puts an end to Ryan Paces dream of Mitch Trubisky being the future. Nick Foles come in at halftime with the team down multiple scores.


at Tennessee Titans

The Chicago Bears defense is inspired by the QB change. When everyone doubts the Bears at their low, they shut down Derrick Henry and prove that Ryan Tannehill is not legitimate. Nick Foles controls the game and wins a 14-13 affair.

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vs. Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings offensive line cannot find the right combination, and the issues that Quinn dealth with early in the year are over. He explodes, and we start to see Foles gain confidence in his best game as a Bears quarterback.


At Green Bay Packers

Off of the bye, Nick Foles settles in as the quarterback moving forward. However, the Bears struggles against the Packers continue. This one is led by the Smith brothers.


vs. Detroit Lions

Mitch Trubisky has always beat the Lions. Chase Daniel beat the Lions as well. Nick Foles will show that no matter who the quarterback, Matt Nagy will always beat Matt Patricia.


vs Houston Texans

It hurst to see Deshaun Watson shake hands with Mitch Trubisky pregame. What hurst more is Nick Foles leaving Watson just enough time to break their hearts with a last second win in Chicago. The radio DJs in Chicago will love this one.


at Minnesota Vikings

This game will decide if the Bears can maintain in competition for the seven seed. Foles leads a valiant comeback, but similar to the Bears pulling the trigger on Trubisky, it was a little too late.


at Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags are a much bigger mess than Chicago, and Foles has a season high game against his old team. A small win in a rough season.


vs Green Bay Packers

Whether they clinched the playoffs, or benched Aaron Rodgers in a fall apart season, I will leave that for you to decide. However, Week 17 is the debut of Jordan Love, and a win for the Chicago Bears


Everyone always says, well the defense should be better and the offense cannot get worse, how can they not improve. Well, because that is not how this works. You have to play different teams in different situations than the season before, and they may have improved in certain areas as well. This year, the feeling around the Bears is that they do not know their direction. They want to be all-in on Trubisky but have a foot out the door. The shuffling at quarterback, the new names in the secondary, and the questions with Quinns health already are enough for this to be an up and down year, and another season stuck in the middle.