Danny Trevathan struggles go beyond coverage in Week One

Chicago Bears (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images) /

Danny Trevathan was a liability for the Chicago Bears in Week One

It was apparent when watching the game live that Danny Trevathan did not have one of his better games. It was a consistent theme to see him trailing in coverage, and watching big catches go over his head. Of course, it was only the first game of the season, and the rest of the team was shaking off the rust as well.

In fact, equally as concerning as Trevathan in coverage, was the Chicago Bears run defense. Adrian Peterson had a huge day, ripping off 93 yards on just 14 carries against the Bears.

A lot of this blame can go to no Eddie Goldman, and fans will blame the front and foremost. Whole it is true, the front could have played better, when reviewing the game, it appears Trevathan was just as guilty against the run.

Take a look at the play below. Sure, Bilal Nichols does not get a push, but look at Nichols he is triple teamed! Three blockers on a defensive lineman was able to put Trevathan one-on-one in a hole with a full back.

If Trevathan hits the hole, the blocker is no match for him, and we have a short gain. The issue is Trevathan over steps his pursuit thinking Peterson is going to kick the run outside. Peterson does give a veteran move, but he burns Trevthan hard as he steps back inside and beats the linebacker through the hole.

This play wound up going for 19 yards. It could have been two or three if Trevathan had stay patient and kept in his gap. Below we see another issue. Once again, it is the steps of Peterson behind the line tricking Trevathan.

This time Peterson shows a cut back. As Trevathan is flowing to the sideline, he stops and runs back towards the middle. However, now Peterson is taking this run to the outside.

You can see that Trevathan not only takes himself out of the play by falling for Petersons jump, but he takes Roquan Smith out of the play as well. Smith was there for the cutback, so Trevathan did not need to be so aggressive. Once again, he just had to play his gap.

Those two runs went for 40 yards. Aside from those two, Peterson was held for 53 yards on 12 carries. On one hand, this is teaching tape for why Adrian Peterson is still in the NFL. He is smooth and smart and knows how to manipulate gaps. On the other, this could be more concerning than Trevathan in coverage.

At his age and injury history, we knew he was going to lose a step sooner or later. Roquan Smith is the speed linebacker for that reason.

However, Trevathan has been elite against the run, mainly for his diagnosing skills. If he is thinking more than reacting, and missing plays in the run due to mental issues, this is a much bigger problem than the Bears realize.

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Here is the hope that this is just one week, but even when they signed him, we noted the fall off is a possibility to come.