Ranking 3 biggest issues with Chicago Bears

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What is the bigger issue for the Chicago Bears; play-calling, quarterback, or offensive line

The Chicago Bears have some serious issues on their hand. Despite being good enough to win games against inferior defenses, their offense currently is not ready to take on talented defenses. They ran into the Indianapolis Colts, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Los Angeles Rams as the only defenses above average.

They are 1-2 with 11, 20, and 10 points in those three games. While they impressively came back against Tampa Bay, the defense providing a short field before the half flipped the game in the Bears favor.

They have had issues at play-caller, quarterback, and offensive line throughout the year but it was exposed to a national audience on prime time. How would you rank these issues?

3. Play Calling

Yes, the play calling is absolutely an issue. It can be evidenced by the fact that Nick Foles told ESPN that he gets angry at some of the play calls he hears from Nagy. Mitch Trubisky always said the right thing, but he even hinted that he would have liked to roll out more.

We all wondered why Mitch Trubisky never ran more. The Cordarelle Patterson plays are disgustingly obvious before the snap, and he has failed to find any ways to maintain a run game.

Nagy gets way too cute with his play-calling and it went from being a flaw from an overall good schemer and has turned into his glaring issue.

The Bears hired John DeFilippo and Bill Lazor this offseason, two coaches who have called plays In the NFL before. The same cannot be said of Mark Helfferich last year. It is unlikely that Nagy will give up play-calling next week, but if this continues, it could start to become more possible.

However, the fact that there is any chance that this situation could change is what provides signs of life, and a chance that the play calling does not completely sink the Chicago Bears boat.

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