Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy should give up the play-calling duties

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

It may be time for Matt Nagy to give up the Chicago Bears play sheet

Matt Nagy has been the head coach of the Chicago Bears since 2018 and the team has had their fair share of ups and downs with Nagy at the helm. Overall, his win-loss record is at a solid 25-14, and the Bears have never had a losing season with Matt Nagy.

When the Bears brought Matt Nagy in there was a lot of talk about the offense finally being the reason the Bears would succeed. Unfortunately, the team has actually played well in spite of the offense, this defense has carried the Chicago Bears for three seasons now.

In 2018 and 2019 the Bears couldn’t do better than 22 in terms of total passing yards. In seven games this season, the Bears are ranked smack dab in the middle at 16. Due to very poor QB play in his first two years, many people made a lot of excuses for this Bears offense.

I do believe Nick Foles has them playing better and tends to have them in more of a rhythm. However, the play-calling of the head coach is extremely frustrating to watch at times. One thing I find very troubling is that it seems like Nagy flat out refuses to adjust his scheme to his players’ skill sets.

Matt Nagy should focus on leading and designing plays only

I think Matt Nagy is a solid play designer but the way he sequences plays leaves a lot more to be desired. He seems to always stick to his gameplan no matter how the game is flowing. Cordarrell Patterson can certainly be an electric player at times but I can go the rest of this season without him getting another handoff.

The 4th down run to Patterson was such a terrible play that had no chance from the get-go. There was so much talk about David Montgomery being such a perfect fit for Matt Nagy and this offense, yet you don’t even give him the ball on a huge 4th down handoff. That type of play call just doesn’t make sense to me.

Things really seemed to have reached a boiling point between the coach and QB when it seemed like Foles threw Nagy under the bus. If the quote from Brian Griese, that came out at the end of the game, ends up being true that is a very bad look for Matt Nagy and this Chicago Bears team.

There has been quite a bit of drama to come out of the Bears locker room this year when you include the Allen Robinson contract situation. This was a rough loss for the Bears but they can’t dwell on it too long, because they have a tough New Orleans team on sate for next week.

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Whether or not Nagy will give up the play sheet remains to be seen. If he does, it most certainly will be given to offensive coordinator Bill Lazor. I feel that the fans’ patience is running very thin on coach Matt Nagy and his stubbornness. I don’t expect Nagy to give up play-calling but I think it would be a good serving of humble pie if he did.