Chicago Bears: 2021 mock offseason to make a Super Bowl run

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Chicago Bears, Ted Phillips
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The Chicago Bears will change Ted Phillips job title

There are already rumors spiraling around that Ted Phillips is going to step down after this season. Even if those rumors are not true, Phillips should be removed from any and all things on the football operations side of things.

Phillips has been with the Chicago Bears since 1983 and became the Team President in 1999. Most team presidents take care of the hiring of general managers once there is a firing and also take care of the business side of things. The issue is Phillips is not a football mind. He is a business mind who tries to do football things as well as hiring general managers.

It is quite obvious him trying to do both is not working. Under his tenure, the Bears have only made the Super Bowl once and have only made the playoffs five times in his 21 years. It’s clear there is an issue with him.

Not everything with Phillips is necessarily bad, but it isn’t good enough. This needs to be taken care of by changing his job title. It is highly unlikely he is fired as the Bears are one of the more valuable teams and he’s done a good job from a business standpoint. However, his job title should be changed to something along the lines of President of Business Operations. In that case, they can bring in a football mind to be the President of Football Operations.