Hidden reasons the Chicago Bears will want the Packers to lose in Week 16

Chicago Bears (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images) /
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Playing a meaningful game will help answer important questions

To circle around, both the present and future can be well served if the Bears play a meaningful game with the Packers next week. In one scenario, the Bears lose to the Packers in a meaningful game as most would expect them to do. Then, it adds some fuel to the fire to replace the trio of Trubisky, Nagy and Pace. Depending on how close the game is, if the Chicago Bears are one and done in the playoffs it still adds a bit more fuel to replace the big three.

However if after playing a regular-season game with playoff intensity against their long-time rivals, they go onto win a game or two in the playoffs, it could be said this game better prepared them for giving their best in the playoffs.

Then, there are these more positive scenarios to consider. The present would be very well served if by playing and beating the Packers, the Bears enter the playoffs as one of the hot teams in the NFC. History shows that teams that have heated up going into the playoffs typically do quite well.

The future would be well served by making decisions easier to make regarding the big questions of quarterback, general manager and head coach. There is another factor to consider if the Bears do get into the playoffs and win a game or two, or dare I say more?

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There would be nothing more precious to this Chicago Bears team than the self-confidence that could be created by a series of victories in the next few weeks. If you put this type of confidence on top of the great team chemistry that already exists on the Bears then Chicago will have a team they can all be proud of both now and in the immediate future. Not to mention, us Bears fans should always want to see the Packers lose. That should be reason enough, right?