5 Chicago Bears who sparked winning streak

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Chicago Bears, Sam Mustipher
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4. Sam Mustipher

Did the Chicago Bears find their starting center for the foreseeable future? That sure would be a game-changing revelation. When Mustipher took his first start against New Orleans, not many saw this coming.

Then, he got hurt early in the game, essentially ended his first big shot. Fortunately, that did not end up his only shot. Injuries and shuffling left Mustipher a chance to start again after the bye week. He has not looked back.

Sam Mustipher has been solid in the pass game and reliable in the run game. More than that, we have not had a single snap issue, and he has done a great job at communicating and keeping the line on the same page, an issue James Daniels had with Mitch Trubisky.

While Daniels and Cody Whitehair are likely better off at guard, the Bears finally have a natural center. That can go a long way and has helped the offense get on track.