Chicago Bears: Revisiting what George McCaskey must do regarding 2021

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If Matt Nagy stays, then the Chicago Bears should keep Ryan Pace too

If I were George McCaskey, I would be firing Matt Nagy. I would not care about the last two years of Nagy’s contract. Did you see that Doug Pederson was fired by the Philadelphia Eagles today? If the coach who won the only Super Bowl in Eagles history (just three seasons ago) can be fired, why not Matt Nagy?

Alright, well let us pretend that Matt Nagy is safe. Let’s pretend that George McCaskey ignores most of our screams and keeps Nagy as the Chicago Bears head coach. Honestly, with Nagy having two years left on his deal, I do not see the McCaskeys letting him walk away and just eat his salary since they are not ones to throw money away on the business side of things. The football side is a different story.

With Matt Nagy being retained, it only makes sense for the Chicago Bears to keep Ryan Pace too. Why look to bring in a general manager that would be required to keep the head coach? Where have we seen this before? Oh, remember when Phil Emery had to keep Lovie Smith for a year? Yeah, Lovie was fired anyway after a 10-6 season. Welcome to the Marc Trestman era, yuck.

As much as we want to hate on Ryan Pace and his decision to trade up for Mitch Trubisky, while Patrick “MVP” Mahomes and Deshaun Watson were still available, bringing in a new general manager will just cause more issues in the future. Rumors are that the Chicago Bears are interested in Mike Borgonzi as a possible replacement.

If Borgonzi wants to keep Matt Nagy since they have a connection from their time together in Kansas City, this would be the only other option I would consider. That said, this still becomes an issue as Nagy only has two years left on his deal. Are you only giving Borgonzi a two-year deal? Doubtful any general manager accepts a two-year deal. This is why I think the Chicago Bears just need to move on from Matt Nagy altogether.