5 positions of need for Chicago Bears offseason

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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The Chicago Bears need to focus on these positions in the 2021 offseason

We can complain all that we want, but Ryan Pace is being retained. So, now the Chicago Bears will be moving forward with their plans to try to build a winner for 2021. The team will be faced with a variety of questions and a roster that has bigger issues than it may appear on the surface.

What are five positions the Chicago Bears should be looking into this offseason?

5. Inside Linebacker

Many will be screaming, offense, offense, offense. However, a clear-minded GM has to realize that his defense allowed 76 points to Aaron Rodgers in two games. While all of the talk was about fixing quarterback, none of it was about extending Danny Trevathan to a long-term deal when age and injuries have been the forefront of his recent play.

To be fair to Trevathan, he was healthy in 2020. However, he also looked like had lost a step that he was never going to get back. That hurts because he is on the books for next season, and it will be hard to maneuver that.

Still, when Roquan Smith got injured, or when he could not carry the group, the group got torched. You can argue that Smith was not the first-team All-Pro because the group as a whole was the unit’s biggest weakness. It always looked like teams were attacking him.

They have no depth behind Smith and Trevathan and with just another year of age it is going to be hard to trust Trevathan. It will not be a first-round pick, but expect the Chicago Bears to solve this in the middle rounds of the draft.