By losing on Carson Wentz did Chicago Bears win?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears did not win the bidding war for Carson Wentz. According to some reports, there may have never been a bid to begin with. Nonetheless, no matter what side of the ledger you stood on the Carson Wentz to Chicago debate, one thing was for sure, you were not sure.

Wentz has upside, which is why it would have cost the Bears serious capital. Still, he also could be a disaster for the acquiring team considering that capital. Nobody is sure whether Carson Wentz will work out, especially if he landed in Chicago which is why the Bears likely won the Wentz trade by not being involved at all.

The reality is that Wentz may have been the best move for Ryan Pace. Derek Carr is unlikely to be traded, and it will be hard for Pace to maneuver getting into the top 10 for an elite quarterback prospect. For Ryan Pace to attempt to win-now, his best move would have been a proven NFL quarterback who has athletic traits of upside, but just needs a fresh start.

That is not the best move for the Chicago Bears, though.  The Bears need to keep their 2021 first round pick and invest in the offensive line. They cannot potentially risk losing a 2022 first round pick with the downside that Wentz provides. Imagine trading for Wentz, and having to bench him in the final six games because you need to keep a first round pick, and instead are shipping off a top 50 pick.

The best move for the Bears would be to stay conservative and keep their valuable assets. It is not to be aggressive in a win-now strategy.

Overall, a third round pick and the potential of a future first round pick is not an outrageous ask from the Colts. Still, the Colts built up more stability from their line, and came into the offseason with more draft capital and cap space than the Bears.

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The Bears still need a quarterback and Ryan Pace is still feeling the stress. Still, what is best for the Bears and what is best for Pace may have been different here, and avoiding an overpay for a questionable quarterback is a win, whether a shining win or not.