Chicago Bears: Nightmare quarterback scenarios Bears must avoid

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /
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Chicago Bears, Sam Darnold
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The Chicago Bears could end up with Nick Foles and Sam Darnold

One of the hottest quarterback names over the last couple of weeks is none other than New York Jets starter and former first-round pick Sam Darnold.

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The Jets are one of the most intriguing teams to watch this offseason, as they boast the number two overall pick. Already this offseason, there were rumors that the Jets were open to trading that pick, but nothing has happened just yet.

If they traded the pick, then they would more than likely hold onto Darnold, right? Well, now there are even more rumors heating up that Darnold could be moved. ESPN’s Field Yates even recently predicted that Darnold would end up as the Bears’ starting quarterback for the 2021 season.

That would mean a quarterback room involving Foles and Darnold, neither of whom are long-term solutions. Neither is even a current solution.

If the Bears wanted to make an even move across the board, then sure, going from Trubisky to Darnold makes a ton of sense. But, how many lateral moves will the team make before going forward?

Trubisky is basically a more mobile version of Darnold, and nobody has been thoroughly impressed with Darnold over his first couple of seasons — unless, of course, you ask the doorknob who ran out of the back of an end zone once.

The Bears do not need a worse version of Trubisky who boasts a career completion percentage of under 60. That ain’t it. It can’t be it.