Chicago Bears: 4 offseason moves to level-up David Montgomery

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Adding a capable backup running back would keep David Montgomery fresh

A year ago, our worst nightmare was nearly realized. David Montgomery looked as though he may miss Week 1 due to injury and the Bears were ready to roll with Cordarrelle Patterson as their primary back.

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As we’ve seen in recent years, Patterson doesn’t exactly inspire confidence when given a huge workload in the backfield — especially when Nagy decides to run those cute jet sweeps.

Tarik Cohen went down for the season, too, which put the Bears in a tough spot all season long. There was no depth at the position. It was all on Montgomery, and in times when he was given a rest, it was on Patterson, Ryan Nall and Artavis Pierce.

Now, to be fair, Pierce actually looked like he had some juice on the few carries he was handed. There’s a small possibility he could end up becoming a solid backup option for the Bears. But, more than likely, they will add a more dynamic backup.

If they’re able to do that, the Bears won’t be throwing in the towel like they were on downs where they handed the ball to Nall. In fact, Nall won’t even make the roster if they can find a capable backup.

Getting an improved backup running back, other than Cohen, is going to help keep Montgomery fresh and also have an impact on the Bears extending drives.