Chicago Bears options at quarterback are shrinking, one leads the rumors

Chicago Bears - Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports /

We have gone through the first day of the legal tampering period leading into the start of the 2021 NFL league year and also the start of the official free agency period. As we kept hitting the refresh button over and over again hoping for news about the Chicago Bears trading for Russell Wilson, other teams started signing players. The Chicago Bears rightfully sat back and did nothing.

The only problem is that now the options that the Chicago Bears had at shaking up the quarterback room have been shrinking all day. Even if these players were not part of “Option A”, the team looks to be facing a possible outcome that finds them signing (or trading) for Option K. If this happens, say hello to a shift in focus to the 2021 NFL Draft.

The problem with the draft is that it is fluid and not everything works out in your favor. I do not realistically see the Chicago Bears finding a way to trade into the top five, which limits who may be available for Ryan Pace should a quarterback run happen early in the first round.

Realistically, this team could be running Nick Foles back out there at the start of the season, and now rumors are that Andy Dalton might be the Pace’s answer to solving things in Chicago. Yikes, I know.

Hold out hope for a Chicago Bears trade for Russell Wilson over Andy Dalton

Right now, the thing I am holding out hope for is the fact that the Chicago Bears still have Jimmy Graham on the roster despite being a strong option as a salary cap casualty. Should the Chicago Bears release Graham, the team will save $7 million dollars. Graham is a strong reason that Russell Wilson mentioned the Bears as an approved trade destination. The fact that Graham is still on the roster, in my opinion, means that a Russell Wilson trade is still a possibility.

Another key factor here is that neither the Chicago Bears nor the Seattle Seahawks have made any free agency moves. This could mean little but had the Seahawks added some offensive linemen or even some offensive firepower, then I would imagine Russell Wilson is officially no longer available — even if he never truly was a realistic option. With no moves made, I again am still holding out hope for a trade.

Although my hope is still alive for a Russell Wilson trade, this has led to some of the other quarterback options no longer being options at all. Jameis Winston was my free agent quarterback of choice should a trade not have worked out for the Chicago Bears, but he re-signed with the New Orleans Saints. Ryan Fitzpatrick moved onto Washington. Both of these quarterbacks are more attractive to me than Andy Dalton.

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Personally, I would hope that the Bears remain more patient regarding the position rather than sign Andy Dalton to a contract. If the quarterback room is Dalton and Nick Foles, then Pace better be drafting a first-round quarterback in April too. If not, he might as well put his house on the market and start packing because he will not be returning in 2022 and might not see the end of the 2021 season. Buckle up Bears fans, we are in for a very, very bumpy ride.