Chicago Bears Mock Draft: Blockbuster trade packages for a quarterback

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Ryan Pace decides it is time for the Chicago Bears to once again trade up

Enough about the Jets, but if they pass on quarterback, the 49ers would likely take Zach Wilson. The trickle down here is that the Falcons could take a quarterback fourth overall either way. That means four quarterbacks could go in the first four picks, or three quarterbacks within the top four. The Dolphins are doubtful to move on from Tua Tagovailoa at six and the Bengals just drafted Joe Burrow which means a quarterback will not go at fifth-overall.

Detroit now has Jared Goff and is not projected to take a quarterback either (but they could). The Panthers picking eight are surely taking a quarterback or moving up to ensure they land a quarterback of their choosing. Either way, epect another quarterback to be off the board. This means potentially that five quarterbacks could be gone, leaving none for the Chicago Bears to select at 20th-overall or even trade up to pick.

Remember in this scenario though, the Jets did not go quarterback which means at most only four quarterbacks are likely to be off the board — leaving one of the top five prospects available close to the bottom of the top-10 picks. Now if the Falcons don’t take a quarterback, it’s even possible that two quarterbacks could be available. For arguments sake, we will assume Trey Lance and Mac Jones are the two left on the board.

This still leaves the Patriots, Broncos and Washington as possible teams who are in high need of a new quarterback. Should one or two of the top-five quarterback prospects fall below pick nine, this is when Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy need to make a decision. I am not here to debate whether Mac Jones or Trey Lance are the guys to trade up for — at least not at this time. The point here is if Pace and Nagy believe in either guy, Pace will likely be on the phone looking for a trade partner.

The question here is how much will it take to move up from 20 to the 10-14 range? We are going to again assume that Mac Jones or Trey Lance falls in this scenario (and yes, it is a realistic one despite what some ESPN and NFL analysts are saying). Let’s now take a look at what it could take to move up and which teams are realistic trade partners.