Chicago Bears: What Ryan Pace will do in the draft vs. what fans want

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The Chicago Bears GM, Ryan Pace is built differently

Alright, onto the reason you are here. I am sorry if I have failed you over some of my recent mock drafts. I got caught up with my evaluations that do not always reflect what Ryan Pace is. I have my own opinions and thoughts, just as you do.

I have said this before, and I will repeat it, Ryan Pace loves athletes first. Playing football is a close second, but it is second to Ryan Pace. And I don’t blame him. Numerous players that don’t have the athletic ability to make it in the NFL are wise and understand football. Ryan Pace recently shared that he has grown as an evaluator and general manager. As we all should in the world at doing our various tasks, growth is vital.

Ryan Pace selected Roquan Smith over Trumaine Edmunds in the 2018 NFL draft and seemed content with that selection. However, I would toss a dollar on him wanting to pull the trigger for the more athletic Trumaine Edmunds.

If two players are relatively athletic as both Smith and Edmunds are, Pace will now value the production over the traits. That doesn’t sound like he will devalue the attributes; instead, elite production will have a higher emphasis. We need to keep that in mind when thinking about what Ryan Pace will do.

The Chicago Bears have yet to trade down in the first round for value, and I don’t think that changes this year. I have seen many mock drafts of them trading down in the first round for an offensive tackle. If I were you, I would toss those mock drafts in the trash. Not saying they are trash, but Ryan Pace doesn’t seem like that type of person who will ever do that.

What Ryan Pace does like to do is put his players in “clouds.” If a top cloud has a player left, Ryan Pace wants to get aggressive and grab that player. He seems to have this in every round.