Chicago Bears fans’ general opinion of Justin Fields

Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images) /

The Chicago Bears traded up from 20 to 11 in the 2021 NFL Draft to select Ohio St. quarterback Justin Fields. Fields is already seeing an overwhelming amount of support. Could this be the first time in Bears’ history that a quarterback selected in the draft is shown true support from the fanbase?

While at a Cubs game, the crowd gave Justin Fields a standing ovation despite never throwing a single pass yet in the NFL.

This is a drastic difference compared to what the fanbase chose to do regarding Mitch Trubisky. This is not to drudge up my continued Trubisky fandom, instead, it is to show just how excited the fanbase truly is for Fields.

In a similar situation after Trubisky was drafted, the rookie quarterback attended a Chicago Bulls game. Just like Fields, Trubisky had not thrown an NFL pass yet. However, the fans decided to boo Trubisky at the game. This is a big difference and although it probably would not have changed anything regarding Trubisky’s career, it might make a difference in Fields’ career.

The Chicago Bears fanbase is finally embracing a quarterback

I still remember sitting in the stands while Jay Cutler was leading this team and listening to people scream for Caleb Hanie to start. That’s right, Caleb Hanie. I also remember the excitement that this fanbase had after the team traded for Cutler, but that excitement was short-lived. It did not take long for the Chicago Bears fanbase to turn its back on Cutler — let’s hope that Fields is awarded more patience.

This fanbase is brutal when it comes to hating on quarterbacks, but something just feels different when it comes to Justin Fields. The way that Ryan Pace was able to secure Fields feels different. The laser focus that Fields has shown since being selected 11th overall feels different. The way that this fanbase is embracing Justin Fields feels different. Could it be that the team finally has a true franchise quarterback? A quarterback that will be here for 10+ years?

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No player should be weak-minded enough to allow their career to be dictated by booing fans, but every young quarterback should at least be given a chance before the fans of his team start booing him. I am not confident Fields starts Week 1, but I do think he starts by Week 5 of the season. I also believe he succeeds. Why? Call it based on an analysis of his college film. Call it a gut instinct. Honestly, call it whatever you want — something about this situation just feels different.

The general overall consensus is that Justin Fields is loved by this fanbase. Let’s just hope that love equals results.