2021 Chicago Bears roster rank: 75-71

Chicago Bears (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images) /

With the days until training camp being counted down we will make them go faster by counting down the Chicago Bears roster. This list will go from 90 down to 1 and rank the Bears based on their potential value in 2021. This will look into what their value would be in a best-case, and how much it would hurt the roster if he were lost in a worst-case.

We will continue the list with players 75-71. Below is the list of players we have hit already.

90. Brian Johnson

89. Rojesterman Farris

88. Khalil McClain

87. Caleb Johnson

86. Sam Kamara

85. Daniel Arcibong

84. Scooter Harrington

83. Chris Lacy

82. Dionte Ruffin

81. Rodney Adams

80. Tyrone Wheatley

79. Thomas Ives

78. CJ Marable

77. Jester Weah

76. Jake Butt

75. Teez Tabor, CB

Teez Tabor was once a higher regarded prospect from Florida. To be honest, his play at Florida is the only reason he is so high. He struggled mightily with the Detroit Lions and now gets a second life with a team that had to have watched him closely when he was with their rival.

74. LaCale London, DT

Last Year: 85

London was the lowest player we ranked last year to appear back on the roster in 2020. So, even players below this should have a chance at the practice squad, because no one figured London would make it this far. London came from Western Illinois and is yet another small school defensive line project that Ryan Pace has taken on. Pace has a nice track record and has seen something to keep him around, so even bumping him up 10 spots from last year may below.

73. Dareuan Parker, OL

Parker is a guard from Mississippi State. He signed as a UDFA this offseason and will be a rookie entering camp. Most UDFAs fill out the 80s, but Parker has some good SEC quality tape, and the Bears are desperate for depth on the OL, so he shoots up a few spots on this list. Keep an eye on him during training camp, and we will see if he can find his way to a higher spot next year.

72. Michael Joseph, CB

Last Year: 80

We have been up and down on Joseph, who has been with the Chicago Bears for four years now. He checked in at number 81 as a rookie, and when he stuck around, we move him up to 73. After two years and little movement, along with additions to the CB room, we moved Joseph down to 80. Still, when you last with a team four years, you have to get that bump, so here he is at 72. This may be his last chance to make the roster, which also adds to him being as high as he ever has been on this list.

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71. Ledarius Mack, OLB

Last Year: 66

Maybe we were a bit bullish on Mack last year, or maybe he was the typical darling that the fans loved as a UDFA. To be fair to Mack, he stuck around, and in most situations that would mean he should rise on the list. However, he showed little, and the Bears added depth at his position which has him closer to the bottom of the practice squad than it does the roster.