2021 Chicago Bears roster rank: 60-56

Chicago Bears (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Katharine Lotze/Getty Images) /

We are getting closer and closer to training camp. As we count down the days we also count down the Chicago Bears 2021 roster. This list will look at who can make the biggest impact to the 2021 roster, and whose presence is valued the most.

We have worked all the way from number 90 to 61 in recent posts. The top 60 players should be players who could make an impact with a strong summer.

90. Brian Johnson

89. Rojesterman Farris

88. Khalil McClain

87. Caleb Johnson

86. Sam Kamara

85. Daniel Arcibong

84. Scooter Harrington

83. Chris Lacy

82. Dionte Ruffin

81. Rodney Adams

80. Tyrone Wheatley

79. Thomas Ives

78. CJ Marable

77. Jester Weah

76. Jake Butt

75. Teez Tabor

74. LeCale London

73. Daureuan Parker

72. Michael Joseph

71. LeDarius Mack

70. Adam Redmond

69. Tre Roberson

68. Xavier Crawford

67. Badara Traore

66. Artavis Pierce

65. Ryan Nall

64. Riley Ridley

63. Patrick Scales

62. Joel Iyiegbuniwe

61. Charles Snowden

60. Dieter Eiselen, G

Last Season: 63 

Dieter Eiselen is an Ivy league UDFA who stuck around after his rookie season. We were intrigued by Eiselen and had him ranked 63 coming into his rookie year, mainly noting the depth on the interior. Eiselen has been working with Olin Kreutz and maybe in the mix to get snaps at center this summer as well.

59. Artie Burns, CB
Last Season: 55 

Last season Artie Burns was going to be on the roster fringe before an ACL ended his season. The Bears sticking with him and giving him a chance again this year shows that they trust what they see from him. Still, he has a lot of ground to make up and is slightly less likely to contribute than last season when healthy.

58. Lachavious Simmons, G

Last Season: 57 

Simmons did not do much as a rookie, and that was likely expected. Still, the Bears’ offensive line has more depth and they brought in a lot of names that showed they do not consider their 7th rounder from 2020 to be in the competition for much yet.

57. Jesper Horsted, TE

Last Season: 49

The Chicago Bears have put an emphasis on the tight end spot, and that could have Horsted being higher and around 49 where he was last year. Still, with Jimmy Graham and Cole Kmet, they do not need him the way that they did before those names came in and showed themselves.

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56. Arlington Hambright, G

Last Season: 56 

Hambright was able to start last season, mainly due to injuries around him. Still, it was a good groundbreaking experience in his NFL career. The step-up shows growth, but there was little to take away from his first start. Beyond that, the additions on the line make Hambright just as likely if not less likely to see an NFL field in 2021.