Chicago Bears: Impact of a Deshaun Watson/Aaron Rodgers Trade

Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images) /

Deshaun Watson trade talks have officially opened and despite being apparently open for a few weeks, new reports are few and far between. The Houston Texans’ asking price for the former Pro Bowler and MVP candidate is enormous: a mixture of five high draft picks and starting-caliber players will be needed to give the quarterback a new home.

Such a high price, however, would seem reasonable under normal circumstances, but Deshaun Watson comes with some baggage; the quarterback is currently under investigation for over 20 accusations of sexual abuse.

These accusations are serious and could possibly contribute to a massive suspension or even Watson’s removal from the NFL altogether. Remove the accusations, and the Texans have a trade finalized in an hour. With the accusations thrown into the trade mix, all reports indicate trade talks have stalled.

One team has surfaced as a potential suitor for the Pro-bowler: the Denver Broncos. They are one of four teams with current uncertainty at the quarterback position, and they have plenty of assets to trade.

On the other hand, another potential trade bears far more interest: the Green Bay Packers. Although at first glance, this trade appears to be pointless, given the Packers’ current starting quarterback is still technically Aaron Rodgers, a deeper glance proves that a Deshaun Watson/Aaron Rodgers trade is a distinct possibility.

Green Bay is still reeling from the loss handed to them at the hands of Tom Brady, another journeyman quarterback to proved successful with his new team in his first season. Brady, like Rodgers, was unhappy with the direction his hometown team was moving towards, and the usually undisputed G.O.A.T was able to find a way onto a Super Bowl-caliber team.

Rodgers is in almost the exact same scenario, and he, too, seems to be looking for a way out. The offseason has seen hundreds of conversations between Rodgers and the Packers, yet none seem to have born fruit. The longtime Packers quarterback and 2020 league MVP is dissatisfied with his team and is seeking a way out. The Packers appear fed up with the drama and have opened discussions about Jordan Love as Week One’s starting quarterback.

A Deshaun Watson/Aaron Rodgers trade could be the best scenario for both sides. The Packers would receive a young, generational talent willing to take the helm and lead a playoff-ready team to another title. The Texans would receive a savvy, veteran quarterback fresh off an MVP season.

In terms of specifics, the Texans have made it strikingly clear that the only way Watson leaves Texas is through a trade containing a mixture of five high draft picks and starting players. While there are several possible combinations, this is the most realistic trade scenario for Watson.

Green Bay Trades Away:

  • A 2022 First Round pick.
  • A 2022 Third Round pick.
  • A 2023 First Round pick.
  • Preston Smith
  • Aaron Rodgers

Houston Trades Away:

  • Deshaun Watson
  • A 2022 Second Round pick.

Trading away Preston Smith and Chandon Sullivan, along with a motley of picks, seems entirely realistic. Smith will likely be cut next season and may even lose his starting job during OTA’s. The Texans desperately need an outside linebacker, and the addition of Chandon Sullivan would help improve an already-weak cornerback room.

Furthermore, trading Smith would clear $15.5 million in dead cap space, leaving the Packers with plenty of money to secure a replacement or re-sign better players. The Texans have cap space to spare and would likely re-sign Smith for a substantial deal in the following offseason.

The Packers would trade away most of their high-round picks for the next two seasons, a rare move for a team that usually retains all of their draft picks during the offseason. These picks are, of course, a small price to pay for a generational quarterback and potential MVP for years to come.

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While most trade speculations for Watson have centered around the Denver Broncos, I believe there is fruition to a Deshaun Watson/Aaron Rodgers trade. As previously stated, such a trade would be incredibly beneficial to both teams, providing either side with much higher odds of playoff success for years to come. Rodgers would be dealt to a young team with plenty of weapons, while Watson would receive a fresh start on a Super Bowl-ready team.