Are the Chicago Bears ‘getting close’ to starting Justin Fields?

Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Mandatory Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

While it’s been preached to the mountains that Andy Dalton was brought in here to be the Chicago Bears starting quarterback. As Dalton said in a training camp interview, it was a reason he joined the Chicago Bears. However, is Justin Fields trending in the right direction to be QB1 earlier than anticipated?

The debate between Andy Dalton and Justin Fields as Chicago Bears QB1

ESPN’s own Jeff Dickerson sounded off a bit on the debate between who will be the starting quarterback this year, but more specifically, when the heck is Justin Fields suiting up as the starting quarterback?

What he said was sweet and concise, as he said:

"“They’re getting close. They’re not there yet.” – Jeff Dickerson, ESPN"

Now, I personally have seen plenty of armchair general managers saying that Justin Fields should start Week 1, Week 4, Week 5, Week 10, etc., however, what are the credible sources saying?

Use your own judgment, but having someone from ESPN talking about sports usually means more to me than Roger on Twitter. That’s just me, and I know there are some people on ESPN that just say things to say things. It makes ESPN a dollar from time to time, but for the most part, what’s said there can usually be trusted to a higher extent when compared to what gets posted on social media.

Especially after seeing the viral video of Justin Fields rolling to his left and delivering a Patrick Mahomes-esque sidearm throw to Riley Ridley in the end zone, it reminded me what’s on the the other side of Andy Dalton.

The fact that Chicago is “getting close,” tells me a few things.

  1. The Chicago Bears are going to put whichever quarterback in that gives them the best chance to win.
  2. Justin Fields is who the Chicago Bears thought he was.
  3. Justin Fields has committed to being great in the NFL.

Now, with things being close, it still opens the door to the negatives. Even if Justin Fields starts sooner than later, it isn’t the all-encompassing answer to all problems.

The offensive line is still badly bruised, and to me, that’s one of if not the most important aspects of acclimating a rookie into the league.

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So, with Jeff Dickerson’s statement on the rapidity that Justin Fields seems to be progressing at, it’s going to be exciting to see when or if Fields ever gets any “one” reps, and it will be even more exciting to see him in Preseason.