Chicago Bears: Matt Nagy wrong for sticking with Andy Dalton as QB1

Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Jon Durr-USA TODAY Sports /

On Saturday afternoon, the Chicago Bears took on the Buffalo Bills for their second preseason game and got battered. Finishing up with a final score of 41-15, the Bears were never in the game and looked bad in every way.

After the game, Chicago Bears Head Coach, Matt Nagy is still planning to stick with Andy Dalton for Week 1. When talking about Dalton as the QB1, Nagy said “We need to see him in the regular season.”

As soon as the Chicago Bears drafted Fields, Andy Dalton would not be back

Andy Dalton, by all means, is a fine QB who carved out a nice career for himself and could still be relied upon in a pinch. However, at this point in his career, what is he going to show you that we don’t already know?

He did have a very nice touchdown to WR, Rodney Adams, against the Bills but otherwise has not looked great through two preseason games. If Justin Fields knows the playbook, then he should be the starter, plain and simple.

Coming into the year, I was fine with Andy Dalton being the starter but if this team wants to be able to compete, then I feel that Justin Fields no doubt, gives them the best chance to win. The offensive line has looked abysmal so far. At the very least, Fields offers mobility which is something that Dalton very much lacks, this late into his career.

Two games is a small sample size, especially when most of the starters aren’t out there but the offense has failed to get into any kind of rhythm with Dalton. I understand wanting to protect your rookie and future QB but Fields will be the face of the franchise sooner rather than later, so let him get in there.

Something else that has been frustrating is the fact that Justin Fields gets no time with the ones. Through the two games, Fields has only played with and against backups and this should be changed.

Takeaways from week 2 of the preseason. dark. Next

Sitting the rookie quarterback is one thing but not giving him the proper reps can be quite frustrating to watch. We all know that Fields will be in at some point this season, why not see what the rookie can do with the best players on the team?