Chicago Bears: 4 Players whose stock dropped vs. Bills

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Chicago Bears - Credit: Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports /
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Chicago Bears, Khalil Mack
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Should we just say that the stock of the entire Chicago Bears roster went down after that pitiful performance last Saturday versus the Buffalo Bills? We could call it a day and make this the shortest article that was ever written at Bear Goggles On. That isn’t how preseason works though.

During preseason and training camp, we need to focus on individual performance more than team performance. The defense could not find a tackle if their life depended on it and Mitch Trubisky and the Bills slashed and dashed them all game. Mitch Trubisky had a great performance and I think Bills fans should feel comfortable if Josh Allen should go down with an injury (let’s hope not).

The Chicago Bears roster could change as players’ stock goes up and down

Many want to scream that the defense was playing a vanilla scheme, but most of the starting defense could not stop a combination of starters and backups. A backup quarterback and essentially a backup wide receiver corps. looked unstoppable. This has to be somewhat concerning.

When it comes to preseason play, the score rarely matters. However, when you have players missing and whiffing on tackles, that is not a good sign for things to come. These are the basics. Can we hang our hat on the fact that players like Eddie Jackson and Khalil Mack were not playing at full speed because they are saving it for the preseason? That is the hope.

Well, let’s take a look at individuals who stood out even worse than others.