Did Raiders try to trade Derek Carr to Chicago Bears for Khalil Mack?

Chicago Bears - Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports /

When reports surfaced that the Raiders called the Chicago Bears about Khalil Mack, it seemed like a far-fetched idea that came out of nowhere. However, the sourcing and story seem to have enough smoke that something is there.

While we did not hear about a potential Mack trade this spring one thing we definitely heard pick up steam was Derek Carr trade rumors. The Chicago Bears were desperate for any quarterback and word surfaced fast that Carr and the Bears could be a fit.

It did not make sense in a few ways for the Raiders, the first being who would be their quarterback if they traded one. However, the second was how Chicago could put together a package to get Carr.

It was noted in the story that the Chicago Bears had serious salary cap issues and that they had to lose Kyle Fuller. How could they add Carr with a package of picks consider Carr is more expensive than Justin Fields and Andy Dalton combined next season.

They could have been asked to include Khalil Mack in the trade. The reality is that Carr has a high salary as a quarterback, but Mack is more expensive and tied up to a contract longer than Mack. It would be easier to move on from the Carr contract than Mack. Beyond that, if the Bears traded for Carr they would not trade up for Fields, and instead would extend Carr to lower his cap hit.

If that is the case it could make sense that the Raiders told Chicago the only way that they would depart from a quarterback such as Carr is if a name such as Mack came back. They now have the revenue after a successful move to Las Vegas, and it just so happens that they need defense while the Bears need offense.

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Nobody is saying for sure what the terms would have been, but considering the Bears called and wondered about Carr, the Raiders called and wondered about Mack, and both have salaries that would make it possible has to at least raise an eyebrow about what the trade could have been.