The Chicago Bears should not be in on a trade for this cornerback reunion

Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports
Chicago Bears - Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports /

Do not panic Chicago Bears fans. We all tend to overreact a little when we see which players are cut before the final roster deadline. There were some surprises, but once we saw how everything shook out, it makes more sense. At the time of the deadline, the Chicago Bears only had four cornerbacks on the roster. However, they obviously knew that the roster would not stay that way and made some immediate changes the following day.

In fact, it was reported today that inside linebacker, Danny Trevathan is going to be placed on short-term injured reserve. This instantly freed up a roster spot, at least for the time being. Danny Trevathan is eligible to return after only three weeks.

Teven Jenkins also was put on injured reserve with eligibility to return. This allowed the Chicago Bears the ability to bring back Artie Burns and Marqui Christian. Now, instead of four cornerbacks, the team has six on the roster. The problem is, how good is this cornerback group?

Neither of these cornerbacks is worth a trade for the Chicago Bears

Many Bears fans were excited to hear the rumors that the Denver Broncos were receiving plenty of trade inquiry calls for their defensive backs. Instantly fans were hoping to hear that the Chicago Bears were somehow bringing back Kyle Fuller. Honestly, I don’t see how or why the Broncos would trade away Fuller after signing him for what seems like pennies on the dollar for what he’s worth.

Bringing back Kyle Fuller would be great, but the Bears are still on the hook for $9 million dollars this season for Fuller. Trading for him would mean they’d be paying him $18 million dollars. He was slotted to earn $20 million this season before the Chicago Bears cut him earlier this year to get under the salary cap before the 2021 league year started. Is saving $2 million dollars worth it?

The more realistic option would be trading for Bryce Callahan. If I am the Broncos I am likely to be playing Fuller, rookie, Patrick Surtain, II and Ronald Darby consistently. Bryce Callahan is more of a slot/nickel corner and the Chicago Bears definitely need an upgrade there as Duke Shelley is not the answer in my opinion. Maybe Artie Burns or Marqui Christian can lock that down, but I have my doubts and concerns.

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Now, Callahan would be an upgrade at this point, however, he is not worth the draft capital for a team that is looking to build a team more for 2022 than 2021. Maybe Bears fans forget that Callahan is very fragile and has been on the injured reserve the last three years in a row. How much would you give up to bring Bryce Callahan back to Chicago?