The hidden factor that could ignite the Chicago Bears offense

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The tight end group is very important for the Chicago Bears this year

The Bears have two towering tight ends in Cole Kmet and Jesse James who are good at both blocking and receiving is bigger than big. As previously covered, this adds a whole new dimension to how the Bears will attack a defense. Besides all of them having good hands, their height can create mismatches where they can make plays without needing to get wide open.

Of the Bears’ three best tight ends, the imposing Cole Kmet is the short one at 6’6″. Then, you have both Jesse James and Jimmy Graham at 6’7″. Here is something to support the premise that the 2021 Bears offense can take off and fly. It is well known that this complicated and precise offense run by Nagy, requires dynamic tight end play to tie it all together as one big beautiful bit of sports magic.

Well, Bears fans this vital component very much appears to be in place. Jimmy Graham talked a few weeks ago about how the new additions of speedy wideouts can create holes in a defense that can be exploited.

Getting one of these three tight ends matched up against a smaller safety or linebacker will be more, easily done with the speed of most of their receivers. Before we review these speed merchants, here is a link to an article that takes a deep dive into the Bears latest collection of wide receivers.