Chicago Bears: Andy Dalton injury timetable is clear enough

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Death, taxes, and a Chicago Bears quarterback controversy — there’s nothing new to see, right?

This week is only just beginning, yet there is plenty to talk about when it comes to the Bears’ next matchup when they travel to take on the 2-0 Cleveland Browns in Week 3.

The Browns provide a formidable opponent with some firepower on both sides of the ball, and the Bears will likely have to try to keep up offensively. Fortunately, they will probably get their first chance to see rookie quarterback Justin Fields start a regular-season game.

After veteran Andy Dalton went down with a knee injury Sunday against the Cincinnati Bengals, Fields took over and finished the game. There were a couple of growing pains, for sure, but overall, Fields looked dynamic. This Bears offense is a different beast with him under center.

The question is, how long will Dalton be out for? And, if he’s out for just a short time, does Fields have an opportunity to keep the starting job?

Chicago Bears quarterback Andy Dalton was determined to have suffered a bone bruise in his knee.

Monday, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport confirmed a report that Dalton suffered zero major damage to his knee. Instead, it was a simple bone bruise.

A bone bruise is not a very serious injury, nor is it uncommon. These typically take 1-2 weeks to heal, but in rare instances, upwards of a month and a half or so.

So, without any real confirmation yet, we can assume Fields will get his first start against Cleveland. From there, the Bears go back home to take on their first divisional opponent in the Detroit Lions.

There is a chance that Dalton misses Week 4 against Detroit, which would give Fields two games to prove he deserves to keep the starting job.

You thought yesterday was interesting? The drama is just getting started, folks.

Not only do the Bears have a coward and a liar for a head coach, but they also have a guy who has no clue what he’s doing when it comes to the most important position in professional sports.

Should Fields play well against Cleveland, and then maybe again against Detroit, Matt Nagy’s decision should be more evident than choosing a 12-ounce filet mignon over a dry, flavorless veggie burger.

Now that you’re hungry let’s hope Nagy is just as eager to devour game tape this week because Fields was, in fact, outstanding. Outside of that one bad throw resulting in an interception, it was clear the only thing missing from Fields’ game was first-team reps. That’s it.

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This week, he’ll get those reps. Then, on Sunday against the Browns, he’ll have his biggest opportunity yet. If he goes out there and balls-out, Nagy is going to be under more pressure than ever before. As fans, we can only hope that this is exactly what happens. Stay tuned; this is just getting started.