Is a win or loss more important for the Chicago Bears this week?

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Chicago Bears: Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports /
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Why is a win more important for the Chicago Bears this week against the Lions?

Well, for starters, Justin Fields was a full participant and Andy Dalton was limited on Wednesday’s and Thursday’s practice, I’d be surprised to see anyone but Fields start against the Detroit Lions.

It seems weird that Dalton was already back to practicing, as it seemed like his timetable didn’t have him returning until mid-to-late October.

If Fields is the starter — which I’d anticipate to be the decision — would it be good for his development to be 0-2 with one of the worst games in Chicago Bears history, even if it wasn’t all on him?

From how Fields has been perceived, he doesn’t seem to be the type to get rattled about things out of his control. Yes, he was probably upset about his performance, but I think he’s smart enough and talented enough to know what to focus on and what to shut out.

Shutting out the criticism from people on their couch is probably muscle memory at this point for Fields, so I don’t think it’s the end of the world for him if he doesn’t put up Hall of Fame numbers in start No. 2.

However, I think Matt Nagy knows that if he keeps wasting his limited amount of losses allowed with Fields in, his job is more than likely on thin ice.

I don’t know Matt Nagy personally, so I might be way off on this assumpton, but Matt Nagy seems to be a very “do what’s good for Matt Nagy” kind of coach as of now. His ego seems to be larger than life, and that’s why he keeps his decisions “in-house” during meetings with the press.

He doesn’t want the media to know who to blame when things go sour, which is a frustrating spot to be in as a finger-pointer from the couch.

All that said, if Bill Lazor is the play-caller for Week 4, Nagy’s position with the team becomes a lot less indicative of the outcome. I don’t think Bill Lazor is necessarily the end all be all at play-calling, but there almost can’t be anything worse than what happened last Sunday.

If Lazor fixes the offense enough to be competent, the Bears have the defense to be a competitive team. And that’s all with assuming that Justin Fields will be serviceable during his rookie season.

To me, that’s the biggest reason that a win is more important for the Chicago Bears because the only thing this Chicago Bears roster is doing consistently is getting older, specifically the often-time dominant defense. Along with that, a win with Fields gives Nagy less of a reason to switch back to Dalton, which is arguably as important as the previous statement.

This team, if they want Super Bowl contention in their near future, is in “win now” mode. There can’t be another season where they ride the middle of the pack with a new 8-9 record now that a 17th game has been added to the season.

Now, with all of those reasons on why the Chicago Bears should win, let’s take a look at why it wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world if they lost this week against the Lions.