Chicago Bears should but won’t be active during trade deadline

Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images) /

This week you are going to see trade proposals from every which way across the internet. While the NFL has started to embrace trades in the past couple of years far more than they used to, it is hard to see the Chicago Bears making any moves in their particular situation.

Remember, this is not about what you, the fans, want, but what Ryan Pace and ownership will pull off. The reality here is that Ryan Pace needs every last win to save his job. He is right on edge, and after drafting Justin Fields, he wants to be there to watch him work out.

So, expecting Ryan Pace to sell is a bit foolish. Fans do not want to hear it, but Pace views the standings and says that his team is only 0.5 games behind Minnesota for the 7th seed. Beyond that, this is not a team with false delusions of the playoffs. They play Minnesota twice this season.

Even if the Bears lose on Sunday before the deadline, they will be at worst 1.5 games out of the playoffs with ten games to play. There is far too much time, and they are far too close to making the playoffs for Ryan Pace to want to sell. He knows that even a 9-8 season slipping into the playoffs could save his job.

Then why not buy?

The issue here is the cap. It would make sense to sell because of the salary cap and that the Bears are forced up against the wall. The team just adjusted the contract of Robert Quinn, a player that fans would want to trade but cannot now due to the guarantees.

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The Bears still have one of the worst cap situations in the NFL. So, the reality is that Ryan Pace is undoubtedly going to be too stubborn to sell. It would not make any sense and hurt his chances of keeping his job. But, Pace does not have the capacity possible to buy.

When you break this down, it appears as though the Chicago Bears will be standing pat.