Film Review: Is this Chicago Bears player falling off?

Chicago Bears (Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports)
Chicago Bears (Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports) /

Cody Whitehair had been excellent for the Chicago Bears from 2016-2019. However, anyone, even Whitehair himself would tell you that his 2020 play was the worst of his career. It can be shown by the fact that he did not miss a start from his rookie season until 2020 when he missed two games after struggling through a game or two far too injured.

The hope was that Whitehair would bounce back to his old form in his age 29 seasons. Whitehair had a poor showing against Aaron Donald in week one, which was expected, but bounce back and was relatively solid from weeks three through five.

However, in the Bears’ sixth and seventh games it has been hard to watch the tape without seeing him miss a couple of key plays.

Sunday we see him taking on Vita Vea below, and it does not go well. The run is going to the right and Whitehair is moving that way when he gets stopped in his tracks and shoved to the ground for Vea to make the play.

This play is out in space on a screen. It is a lot to ask for him to get out into space, but this play is set up for him to take on Devin White and if he can get out there the play is going to pick up big yards, and a first down.

Instead, Whitehair is slow to get out there, and he is unable to dictate the movement of the linebacker, forcing Kmet into the arms of the defender.

As noted, he had a poor game against Aaron Donald, Vita Vea, and Devin White, which can happen. However, in the play below we see him against Dean Lowry. Whitehair meets him square but then is driven back by Lowry who ends up in the lap of Justin Fields.

Kenny Clark is a bit of a better name but had similar success against Whitehair. He beats Whitehair with his hands this time and gets clean to the outside with a swipe.

Whitehair has not been the Bears’ biggest issue, but a player that was supposed to be a trusted rock in the middle of the teams’ offense has started to become an up and down player who is about average for his position.

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Considering the past two seasons have had much more of these issues than any other it is fair to wonder if he can back to the consistency that he was known for during some of his best years.