Chicago Bears: These 10 facts could prove to doom Matt Nagy

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The Chicago Bears’ character, as a team, is a reflection of Matt Nagy

7. Bears players have lashed out on social media amidst frustration

Recently, two Bears players have made headlines via their social media accounts. Cornerback Jaylon Johnson was late to a meeting and received a letter regarding a fine for his punishment. That letter was signed by Matt Nagy, and it was posted to Johnson’s social accounts for the world to see.

Of course, this is a no-no. But, the shenanigans didn’t stop there. Safety Eddie Jackson was called out by former Bears linebacker Lance Briggs about his effort in tackling a couple of weeks ago. Jackson took to Twitter to lash back out at Briggs, which took digging up old tweets from years ago, in the process.

8. Bears players continue to unleash frustration in games

Just this past week against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, defensive lineman Bilal Nichols threw a punch out of frustration and was ejected. This is nothing new for the Bears, who saw both Javon Wims and Anthony Miller do the same thing last year.

Whether it’s on game day or social media, Bears players continue to prove a lack of discipline. This is a pattern. It’s not catching us by surprise. Nagy has failed to hold players accountable since he came to Chicago and continues to see them do childish things like this.

The locker room needs a new leader.