The Chicago Bears are rumored to be looking at these new head coaches

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Will the Chicago Bears give Vance Joseph a real shot?

Benjamin Allbright also mentions Vance Joseph as a coaching candidate he believes the Chicago Bears will be interested in interviewing. Joseph was the head coach of the Denver Broncos in 2017 and 2018, but those teams were not that successful with 5-11 and 6-10 seasons.

Joseph is more of a defensive-minded coach, which honestly I think that the front office will be very interested in here this year. While the head coach of Denver, the Broncos offense ranked 17th and 19th in yards, but only 27th and 24th in points. Are we looking to replace Matt Nagy with another Matt Nagy? I kid, I kid.

As Joseph is more of a defensive-minded coach, let’s see how the defense did under him. In 2017, Denver was third in yards allowed, but 22nd in points allowed. In 2018, the Broncos’ defense seems to have been more like the old Bears, bend but don’t break, defense as they were 22nd in yards allowed, but 13th in points allowed. The team was fifth in takeaways that year too, which makes sense based on the points they gave up versus the yards they allowed.

Now, Joseph finds himself as the defensive coordinator of the Arizona Cardinals. he has been in place for the last three years. The team was below average in 2019, vastly improved in 2020 and is now one of the more dominant defenses in the NFL this season.

In 2019, Arizona was dead last in yards allowed, 28th in points and 25th in takeaways. In 2020, the defense improved to 13th in yards allowed, 12th in points allowed and 18th in takeaways. Now, this season, Arizona is currently fourth in yards allowed, third in points allowed and fifth in takeaways.

Here’s the thing, that’s great and all, but if I am being honest, Vance Joseph is probably only going to see an interview with the Chicago Bears to fulfill the Rooney Rule. The Rooney Rule was established in 2003 and it requires a team with a head coaching vacancy to interview at least one diverse coaching candidate. Now, the NFL has made some new incentives for hiring these coaches too. We will see how these new incentives might help add diversity to the head coaching and general managers in the NFL, but the old rule was a joke by itself.

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I leave you with this. I am assuming that Brian Daboll is among most Chicago Bears fans coaching lists. Does hearing that the team is already doing homework on him give you any sense of excitement? Are there other coaching candidates you’d prefer to see atop the list? For me, knowing that Daboll is being considered has me very excited and I’ll have more on that later.