Chicago Bears: Biggest positional needs as the team must prepare for 2022

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At this point, there is very little hope for the Chicago Bears 2021 season. At 3-5 on the year, it’s clearly not out of the realm of possibility for the team to make the playoffs. However, the chances are very, very small. The team is in a weird spot right now too as rumors are coming out that the franchise is researching potential head coaches to replace Matt Nagy.

I remember when there was a time in my life I thought I had the potential to become a professional bowler. Ha, that’s right. I am not some former collegiate football star. Nope, after breaking my leg in the last practice of the season in middle school and spending three weeks in traction, my parents never let me play football again. I had to find non-contact sports to play and that led me to golf and bowling.

I was never good enough at golf to make the team despite trying out twice. We had to break 100 and both times I shot a 109. My golf game has improved slightly as I routinely can shoot in the mid to high 90s, but let’s face it, I know my limits.

Bowling on the other hand was a different story. I was good. I made the varsity team in my freshman year and held a 200-plus average. I even placed 15th and earned scholarship money at an Illinois State Tournament. After graduating high school, I earned more scholarship money by outperforming the rest of the bowlers in my junior league. I truly thought I could be the next Roy Munson — I was fooling myself.

The Chicago Bears 2021 season is over and these positions need help

The point I am making is that I saw my limits in my golf game, but I was just good enough to fool myself into believing I could make something of myself as a professional bowler despite the small number of people who actually make it. I still have not thrown a perfect game — the closest-ever I have come is a few 289 games. This is where the Chicago Bears are right now. They are in denial of their potential.

With Matt Nagy looking to be out the door and Ryan Pace’s future unknown, it makes planning for the future a little difficult. Whether Matt Nagy is sticking around or a new general manager will be taking over, the roster is what the roster is going forward. Outside of a couple of players worthy of a contract extension, the team has some key holes to fill at certain positions in 2022 and we need to take a look at which ones need the most attention.