How will Chicago Bears rotate running backs?

Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

The news that David Montgomery will be active for the Chicago Bears Monday’s Night game against the Pittsburgh Steelers is official. The team released Breshard Perriman to ensure that Montgomery will suit up in Heinz Field. The question now is what type of role he is expected to have?

Montgomery is obviously the starter, but Khalil Herbert has been a revelation recently. The two backs have completely contrasting styles, and it may be a nice change of pace to mix both backs in. However, this is not something Montgomery ever had to deal with when healthy. Should Montgomery go back to his role before his injury, or should Herbert cut into the work?

Matt Nagy has hedged his bets, hinting at both. He stated that he expects Montgomery to maintain his role, but also added that it could be a nice addition to the offense to sprinkle Herbert in now that teams have tape on him.

While you would like to think that Herbert will get his fair share of carries, it is much easier to assume that Nagy will go right back to the old ways with Montgomery. As noted, Nagy still views Montgomery as the lead man.

One of the biggest issues with Nagy has been his inability to spot changes in-game and make moves based on it. Too often he gets stuck into the opening script and tries to replicate it, rather than branch off of it.

This can be shown by his inability to change personnel, or pace throughout the game. He also rarely lets plays prior dictate the next play, but rather sticks to the script. This is going to be an issue for Herbert.

For Herbert to play now, Nagy needs to have a feel for when the Bears need a quick hitter. He needs to know when Montgomery may be best getting a blow. These are the areas he struggles in most.

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In the most likely scenario, Nagy will start Montgomery and keep Montgomery is as the workhorse back. He will struggle to adjust in the game and we will walk away wondering why Herbert hardly played after such a strong start.